Maximise the residual value of e-bikes

Sell your batches of new and used electric bikes to Used E-bikes. Quickly, easily and for a fair price.

Used E-bikes: partner for professionals

We buy lots of used and new electric bikes from leasing companies, hotel chains, bike shops, rental companies and others. We ensure an accurate valuation, clear terms and smooth transactions. This way, you quickly get the maximum residual value from your used e-bikes, we expand our offer for our private customers and together we give electric bikes a second life.

Fair price

Get a good price for the whole batch of e-bikes

Easy and quick

Everything easily settled in one efficient transaction


Extend the life of electric bikes

Method and fee

Step 1. Report the batch of new or used electric bicycles through Include the number of e-bikes, brand, year of manufacture, mileage and any other relevant information. Include some clear photos as well.

Step 2. Based on this information, we will contact you to make an appointment and a viewing at your premises. Do we work together regularly? Then you send the e-bikes to us with a notification via app.

Step 3. We perform a valuation of the batch of e-bikes on the basis of which we make an appropriate offer. Upon agreement, we make arrangements to complete the purchase.

Step 4. Of course, we ensure immediate payment of the agreed amount. We will handle the transport and refurbishing of the electric bikes, thus completely relieving you of any worries.

If you have several bikes that you would like to offer, we can also visit you at no obligation to view the bikes.

Which e-bikes are eligible?

Online and in our shop in Bladel, we offer our customers guaranteed quality. This means that we set some important conditions for the electric bikes we buy, especially when it comes to used e-bikes. You’ll find the conditions below. Are you unsure about anything? Then contact us without obligation. We are happy to help.

  • We only buy A-brand electric bikes
  • The bikes are at least in reasonable condition and function properly
  • We do not buy bicycles with an ION battery
  • The origin of all bicycles can be proven